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is kanye’s life in danger? by anand wilder (yeasayer)

Dear Kanye,

Will you please stop apologizing for outbursts which concisely expressed what every sane person was thinking? Why are you apologizing to George W. Bush for hurting his feelings? Why didn’t you say something cool like, “Fuck no, I won’t apologize to that racist asshole unless he apologizes for fucking up the world!” 

When you do cool stuff like point out how certain politicians are racist, and how crappy Taylor Swift is, it makes you seem really awesome and crazy, in a good way! Embrace the controversy! Don’t back down! Even though industry racism probably didn’t apply to her VMA win, who cares? Use Taylor Swift as a jumping off point to expose longstanding Major Label profiteering off Black artists! Even Michael Jackson had the balls to say that the Music Industry was racist, and he was the King of Pop. Now you’re the King, so take up the cause!

We’re all starting to get worried about you. What could possibly be the benefit of all these incoherent public apologies? Is someone threatening your welfare? Is your record company forcing you to make nice or else no record release?? Yeah, probably. I totally know what that’s like man. Sometimes my record label wants me to tour more so maybe we’ll finally “break through.” Ahh, life can be tough…

Well, if you ever wanna just hang out and say crazy controversial stuff like how Jay Leno and Matt Lauer are White Idiot Robots or something like that, I’m here for you.

Get well soon,


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